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Bassist Carlo Mombelli is something of a sage figure. As he approaches his 60th birthday, a time when many a musician has found their comfort zone and settled into it, he remains one of the most restlessly creative forces in South African jazz.

By Dan Bilawsky (New York) All about JAZZ

February 20, 2019

Disconcertingly beautiful. THE JAZZ TIMES (USA)

‘His music is unusually and unexpectedly fresh.’ - Paris Jazz Man Magazine, (FRANCE)

Hauntingly beautiful -  BBC radio  -2016 London

Mombelli, now in his early 50’s, is still very much in rude creative health. He is still pushing the limits of sound and writing challenging, beautiful work. As an educator, he is molding and mentoring the next generation of South African musicians. Carlo Mombelli is nothing short of a national treasure – you cannot argue with the depth, passion and inventiveness of his music.  

The Mail and Guardian.

- March 14, 2014

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