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Lutherie Urbaine

From 2007 to 2009 Jean-Louis Mechali, a composer and director of the Paris-based company 'Lutherie Urbaine', commissioned Carlo to conduct weekly workshops in Soweto teaching children to play music on instruments built on site from recycled material. Carlo also spent time with the company in Paris over those three years. The result was a series of concerts in South Africa and France.

SHARP SHARP documentary by Sylvie Coulon (2010)

In collaboration with Lutherie Urbaine - Paris

Live in Johannesburg and Soweto

Basel Jazz Campus Big Band

Arrangements by Adrian Mears, compositions by Carlo Mombelli

Basel, Switzerland 2019

Carlo Mombelli interview and workshop

Artist Residency at the Basel Jazz Campus January 2022

DKSJ Swiss Jazz Schools Masters Project led by Carlo Mombelli 

Live in Zurich 2015

'Meditations in my back yard' Composed by Carlo

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